Rena SVG Trace

Right so life has been pretty boring lately and thus I've had nothing to write about BUT here's something I'm sure people will enjoy on the off chance anyone actually reads this nonsense. More nice SVG traces, this time of Rena Kunisaki, the same girl you see in the corner of all these pages. This one's based on a monochrome scan, so I got to take some liberty in colouring it as well, and I'm pretty pleased with how it came out.

Be warned that this post contains roughly a megabyte of inline images. They're not safe for work either but that's what that content warning clickthrough thing is for.

These images are pretty huge, so I've used half-size versions inline.

Original scan: (large version)
The Japanese edition probably would have had colour, but English speakers tend to get screwed in that department. Oh well, I'll just have to add some.

Obviously the background isn't going to be a perfect recreation but really who cares about that anyway. I sampled in colours from other images for accuracy, added some gradients and smooth shading, and tried to make the hair fairly realistic.

Of course then I had to go and expand upon it a little.
I had to adjust the posture slightly; it's really only noticeable if you compare them side by side. The legs are traced from some random porno; they could probably use some work still, but oh well. (Just getting them decent was difficult as it is... >.>)

Here is the full, 1.2MB SVG version in all its smooth, crisp glory. Both versions are contained in the file - open it in Inkscape and play with the layers; the second image is "alt1". In addition there are some other goodies inside; some of them kinda suck and I'm not sure I'm happy with the body shape but whatever, there you go, play around with it, feel free to improve on it if you have any actual art skill unlike myself.

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