Renamon SVG Trace

If there's one thing I can't do, it's art. Occasionally I can make some cool abstract design by accident, but if I set out actually trying to draw something, the perspective is just going to be all wrong and I'll ultimately end up with something that's logically correct, but just looks wrong for some reason.

However, I can trace art. Some would call this cheating, but I don't just trace over something and call it my own. What I like to do is take some existing art and trace it in Inkscape to make an SVG version. This is because SVG has a number of advantages over bitmap graphics.

Same Shit, Different DRM

So today's latest DRM scheme is storing your media in "the cloud". That article is mainly bashing, so let's first look at some of the theoretical advantages of such a system.
  • No need to make backups.
  • Access it from anywhere.
  • Rental and samples become feasible.
  • Files aren't taking up your disk space.

Now to destroy those arguments:

Job Applications Suck

We've all been there: need work, go around asking if any place is hiring, and they give you this form to fill out. It's (unfortunately) become pretty standard practice among most businesses today. And my God does it suck.

The idea of a standardized form isn't too bad. Fill out some information on one sheet, make a ton of copies, hand it out. Quick and simple. Oh, wait, we already have that. It's called a resumé.

But no, for so many places now, a resumé isn't good enough. You've got to fill out this form with all the exact same information as is on your resumé, and then hand that in - with a resumé. Maybe this makes sense if you're applying at the Department of Redundancy Department.

Let's look at some of the ridiculous things they ask on these forms.

Rena v85840

Oh look, a blag. How did that get here. Well I'll try to update this regularly but I can't guarantee that I'll have a working Internet connection or anything worthwhile to say. WE SHALL SEE.

Latest screenshots from my WIP Mario Kart 64 level editor.

At present, it displays almost every level almost perfectly. The remaining visual glitches are mostly hardcoded things I have yet to track down, and one texture command Moo Moo Farm uses that I haven't decoded yet because who cares about Moo Moo Farm anyway.